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Joy30 handheld acrylic bending tool

Joy30 handheld acrylic bending tool

A type acrylic curved arc is the word of the sides, corners is acrylic luminous characters trim around side bending better tools in our tool bending edge of the last generation on the basis of improvements to upgrade the product, the use of PTC heating components, safety and energy saving, warming faster, longer life, automatic thermostat, thermostat settings without cumbersome, easier to use. Aluminum thermal plate, the bottom edge of the uniform heating, automatically adjust the heating plate and the side of the lamination angle, suitable for 1.5-4mm thickness, on the side of the heat softened speed, and does not produce fumes when heated, the heating plate surface by special oxidation treatment, non-stick plates. Practical design, using high-quality heat-resistant plastic shell, use the lower end balance, no need to adjust the positioning gimbal, adaptive edge strip width less than 100mm.

Each product standard configuration (A type corner unit, A-type curved arc is one each)

Voltage :100-240V
Power: 60W angled curved arc 39W
Heating plate temperature: 200 ℃ ± 5%
Curved arc heating plate size: 100mmX50mmX2
Angled heating plate size: 100mmX2.5mmX2
Curved arc softening time (2.5mm thickness, temperature at 20 ℃): about 9 seconds
Corner softening time (2.5mm thickness, temperature at 20 ℃): Approximately 3 second



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